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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's your distraction?

IT can . . .

... be a delusion and a snare.

... have the capacity to suck you in - heart and soul.

... foster the love for, and need for approval.

... become a set-up for discouragement when comments and responses do not flow in.

... take your eyes off of the people in your community and in your home.

... become an addiction with a vice-like grip comparable to crack.

... become a method of meddling in the affairs of others.

... stir up a sense of resentment and irritability when family members present with a need for your attention.

... contribute, in time, to major depression because there is no time for desires of your heart.

... bring on obsessive compulsive behavior.

... give a false sense of productivity.

... bring about an "all about me" focus.

... lead to your constantly seeking recognition, fame and praise.

... be physically crippling as a result of stress (eye strain, neck and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sluggish digestion, insomnia ... the list goes on).

Busy-ness and distractions are the "its" in my life. What is the "it" you pursue daily? What distracts you from living your life to it's fullest? Is "it" stealing away the blessings of what God really wants you available for? Be still ...... and know. Be blessed! tk

note: I found this in a journal entry from several years ago but failed to write down where it came from so I cannot take credit for the .... parts.

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