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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Busy Bee !!

Been in my studio off and on this week preparing for a couple of art events. Off and on because my time has been limited so it's been catch-as/catch can all week. I've joined forces with five other artistic women to open a funky new gallery downtown called Art(Ology). Check out the site at . I've also been busily caring for and playing with my granbaby girl, Keller. She's not napping as early in the day as she used to and not as long. So while she snoozes, I paint or whatever project is pressing. Currently that would be pieces for holiday shows. I'm trying to keep several things going at once so drying time is not down time. Yep, doing some multi-tasking.

If you haven't already filled up your calendar, put these two events on it!

November 20/21 Dauphin Island Art in the Park Festival at Cadillac Square.

December 3/4 Mobile Botanical Gardens Artists' Market during the annual poinsettia show.

Also!! This weekend is the Christmas Jubilee at the fairgrounds, Trinity Episcopal Arts & Crafts Event, as well as a couple of churches on the island holding arts & crafts events. Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts! (my art blog)

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