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Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Thoughts .....

1. I'm going back and forth between which Christmas tree to erect this year ... the traditional 10' or the 7' 1960's era aluminum, which was passed to me from my great aunt. Petie kept me often when I was a baby. She used to put me under the tree and take my picture. (That's us in the photo on the left and me under her tree on the right. I miss her terribly.

2. I started my Christmas baking this morning. I love shortcuts in the kitchen. I pulled a tub of sugar cookie dough from the freezer. After it thawed I scooped small rounds and dunked them into peppermint bits and pieces. Baked them and after they cooled dusted with powdered sugar. They taste like Christmas!

3. Did ya'll go shopping on Black Friday? I did. But I traditionally waiting til the Iron Bowl game started and then went out. No crowd. No lines. Bargains still lingering! I was finished before the retail mayhem resumed!

4. This is my first year using the art mesh to decorate with. I seem to never catch on while it's hot. It's a love/hate relationship to say the least! But, oh! It's so pretty when it's done. I'm resisting the urge to put it on everything!

5. Besides soup, what did you do with your Thanks- giving leftovers? We made the yummy sandwich I posted the recipe for last Tuesday. I'm gonna make some white bean chili for dinner and tomorrow it's breakfast for dinner with turkey hash/brown gravy over scrambled eggs. Oh yeah! My mother-in-law showed me how long ago!! I put the carcasses from the three birds in the freezer. Yes! I said three. Only eight of us at the dinner table. My husband had to try three different ways to cook turkey. One in the green egg. One in the oil- less fryer. One in the oven. They were all amazing! Kudos to the turkey man!

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