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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Compost Gold!

COMPOST ... the GOLD of the Garden!

I was skeptical at first.  But I went ahead and tried it.  Yay!  When I first started I needed a way to use up the pulp from juicing.Perfect!  Layered it daily with pulp and brown leaves (of which I have an endless supply).Then I started adding coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, vegetable peels and scraps from the kitchen, and shredded newspaper (no colored print), layering with brown leaves and/or dried grass clippings.

No fancy or elaborate bins or unsightly piles.Nope!  I picked up two scratch and dent trash cans and began my layers.After the first one was topped off, I began the second.  Now, I have a full can for the spring season and by the time the fall season comes around, I have another can ready to top dress or work into the soil.  Spreading the love throughout the garden!  I'm no longer skeptical!  This stuff is amazing! 

Read more about sources for your compost bin, 
pile or can at Old World Gardens!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013