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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Timothy Kavanaugh. Get to know him!

I love, love, love this series by Jan Karon! I began reading The Mitford Series over seven years ago. Fell in love with them. I lost over half my hardback collection when our home flooded during Hurricane Katrina. Fortunately, I recently found most of them online. Still looking for At Home in Mitford and A Light in the Window to complete the collection again. In the Company of Strangers is the second in the Father Tim Series. So far I'm not disappointed. Some of the characters crack me up. Some of the chapters bring me to tears. All of Father Tim's anecdotes and scriptural references are encouraging. A Continual Feast, which is reminiscent of a journal Father Tim would have kept, is one of my favorite books. Father Tim falls in line right behind my favorite pastor, Jeff Spiller, of Christ United Methodist Church. There's also ample conversations surrounding food and I was thrilled to come across the Mitford Cookbook with recipes for Puny's Cornbread, Uncle Billy's Sweet Potato Pie and Esther's Orange Marmalade Layer Cake. A dear friend of mine made all our neighbors this cake for Christmas one year. It was to die for!!! (hint hint). Pick up any of the series and start reading....doesn't matter where you join the family in Mitford. Although, after you read one you'll want to stop and start reading at the beginning!

"If we are going to be made into wine, we will have to be crushed; you cannot drink grapes." from a Father Tim sermon]

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