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Monday, March 28, 2011


I shared the festival booth with Jennifer Keller White,
Ardith Goodwin and Denise Inge, all local Mobile artists. 
 We had a great selection of watercolor, acrylic,
collage and photography, along with Jen's cool new frames! 

Sales weren't exactly thru the roof this year.  But laughter prevailed throughout the four days!   The weather-man caused a little anxiety and the booth next to us drove us a bit batty with the sounds of crickets and croaking frog toys.  The hospitality of the Festival staff was far an beyond any other art event I've participated in!  Thanks guys for looking after all the vendors!  We were refreshed often by water and colas and an occasional jaunt over to the TCBY stand though they ruffled the vendors' tail feathers by increasing their prices from $3 to $4 by mid-afternoon the first day of the festival.  Shame on you TCBY! 

Kudos to my dear husband a/k/a my Tentputterupperer! 
He ran a cable around the top of their tent to secure our walls
 and set up a fan and overhead lighting to keep the dampness
of the evening at bay to protect our works under glass!   
You, my dear, get the blue ribbon!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Come by and check out the booth!!!
For more info, go to my art site

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dream Closet!!!  I want a closet like Carrie's on Sex and the City!  I'm saying this as I click my ruby red heels three times!  But! Alas!  I'll settle with mine - when it's organized!  Which, lately, it hasn't been!

Monday was "tackle the closet" day! I have procrastinated on this project for seven months.  It was time to let go.  Even the box full of classics that I will one day fit into was taken away. 

After removing all the hanging and piles of folded items  my bedroom looked like a freeze frame from the last episode of Hoarders and tearing into the new hangers, the process of elimination began.  I was determined to use the 36 new hangers and everything else had to go.  Ha Ha!  That was doomed for failure from the beginning!  I ran out of hangers fast!  I know where they stay though and will get more! 

For the longest time my husband had the larger custom closet and I had the standard 2x6.  Our home had two small bedrooms and two large bedrooms.  I finally talked him into combining the two small bedrooms.  He decided since my closet backed up to the closet in the next room we would combine the two and give me a larger closet.  I suggested just going all the way across that end of the adjoining room.  Yay!  Now I have the larger closet!

This venture became an all day and into-the-night project.  I was somewhat grateful when my husband came home mid-day and told me he was heading to the camp for the night. I was able to take my time and finish cleaning off the bed, which I accomplished during commercial breaks from The Event! I loaded down a rod in my car with over 100 garments on hangers and 30 more items in a box for a friend to donate to their church closet. After my granbaby girl left I headed for Lowes to get shelving and struggled with that for an hour or so, which got the hat boxes off the floor and resulted in a couple of minor injuries. Of course, you know how one thing leads to another? I had already eliminated a shelf in the hall closet to hang all of my jackets and sweaters which meant I needed a location for all the extra pillows to land (since I took their shelf) and decided to add an upper shelf to the guest room closet. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! There's always tomorrow!

                 The gadget below is one of my favorite things!
                  I think I found these at Tarzhay a/k/a/ Target! 
                                              Love em!

And another fave! 
These expandable racks are perfect for
hanging bags and scarves!!

Every closet needs a couple of pretty things, don't ya think?