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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Catching up ...

Holy Smokes!   I've been gone THAT long?   
It's been over 18 months since I've posted!  Dang!
I'm gonna share some photo moments to catch y'all up!
And, then we'll move forward!!   Geesh!!  18 months?!!
#mylifeisablur  ~  #ouryearinpictures

Keller turned Four 7/13!!

2013 Garden!

Harper turned One 10/13!!

There were a few canning projects in 2013!

Small Child got married December 6, 2013!
(pssssst .... Caroline came 'home' for the wedding!

~ 2014 ~

Keller Bug got her own garden!!

... and she lost a lot of teeth last year!

Easter Celebration!!

April 2014 .... Darius Rucker (aka Hootie) Concert!!

Keller turned Five 7/14!

Big announcement 7/14!!

Gardening 2014 ... right on thru the winter!

My Summer Helper!!

Summer Fun!

I joined the Dauphin Island Art Gallery this year!

Harper turned Two 10/14!!


Keller and I spent several days creating this Gingerbread Village!

Soooooo Big!!

~ 2015 ~

We took on a new camp project - The Gila House Re-Do!

and a few Island sunsets!

Day at the Camp aka Little River Luxury Lodge ....  the lil' huntress! 2/2015

and while they were hunting .....

Jen and I were attending a conference in Nashville!
Yes!  Young Living!  No comparison!

Remember all those previous posts?
Insomnia (15+ years, hormonal issues,  anemia,  etc. etc. etc.)
Well .....  guess what?!!  We've been using Young Living essential oils 
for a year now and I've rid myself of all prescriptions 
except my thyroid med ... working on that one!

There were lots of other fun times and fillers with friends and neighbors and extended family!

including a family reunion ...

And that pretty much brings me to the present ...

Lindsay and Isaac are awaiting a closing date for their first home!
They are also expecting Lilly to arrive anytime!!
Jen and Tyler will soon be celebrating TEN years of marriage!!
Keller will be graduating from Kindergarten in the next few months!
And Harper just gets cuter everyday!!