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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Art Scoop!

Upcoming art shows are looming nearer. I am no not prepared. But! I will be ready. Been busily distracted with higher priorities. My granbaby girl is tops! Watching her grow and develop and learn new things each day is priceless time spent! I switch into overdrive during naptime and accomplish quite a bit ... only if I have a plan.

Been pitching in every free block of time to help a great group of artist women/friends to ready and open a new art gallery/gift shop downtown. Grand opening during next Friday's ArtWalk. It's such cool little space right in the heart of downtown Mobile and the hub of the art scene. Excited about being a part of this new (ad)venture with Art(ology)!

And of course, the holidays are coming up! I have a love/hate relationship with the holiday season! My last art show of the season will be the first weekend in December. After that, I will spend the remainder of the month preparing and creating Christmas gifts for family and friends. Then immediately after the New Year arrives, the cycle will begin again. I'll get crackin again in the studio producing work for sale at Spring shows, beginning in March.

But for today ... recover this morning from my daughter's 18th birthday party last night. Gather artwork to hang at one of the galleries for ArtWalk followed by a visit to ArtOlogy to help out and a 5:00 meeting for the Botanical Gardens Show.

Breathe. Just breathe!

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