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Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday
My Other Palette Blog!!

Three years ago today, I started blogging!  I used to journal all the time ... not so much since I began blogging ... 'cept for the things I don't wanna share here.  Sorry!  Some things are just off limits!

I began bloggin' as a tool to keep my Fb friends abreast of my mom's ill-health situation, saving repetition.  Then I found Caring Bridge and posted updates there.  I continued blogging and sharing events and trials and domestic thoughts.  A lot has happened in three short years!  Loved ones passing from this life to the next, the exciting birth of a princess (aka Keller Bug!) and the transition from domesticity to the art world and back again!  We've shared highs and lows, joy and frustration, tips, recipes and tiara topics!  And I just recently figured out how to include followers ... can you say 'technically challenge'?  

Taking a look back . . .

Thank you all for reading and visiting!! 
Please leave a comment now and then! 
Gimme a holla!!

Life is good!


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