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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Carnival Season has Passed.

"Carnival" (watercolor)
Another fair season has passed. I drove down Airport Boulevard this morning alongside a couple of trucks with a colorful array of disassembled carnival rides piled to the clouds. I missed the fair again this year. Missed it last year too. I probably shouldn't use the word 'missed' cause it was by choice. First time since, hmmm, I was a child. It was a sentimental event for me cause my first date with my husband was at the Greater Gulf States Fair. Come to think of it, our second date was to the fair as well! Nothing like fair corndogs! The image I've posted is a watercolor from a picture taken on our last trip with some dear friends and family. Had a blast! Now that our children are old enough to go without us, it's lost it's thrill. Perhaps when my grandaughter is old enough to enjoy it I'll go back. I love seeing the county fairs portrayed on old movies with the cattle judging and preserves and pies. There's still a good bit of that these days, but it's still not the same as seen on TV. I haven't ridden any of the rides in a long time. That old song says 'tequila makes her clothes fall off' and I'm here to say some of those rides almost do the same!

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