Love deeply. Laugh. Cry. Talk to God. Be realistic about the to-do list. Stay in touch. Hug. Dream. Smile. Break Bread often with Family. Spend Time with your Girlfriends. Shop til you Drop! Extend Grace. Be Quick to Forgive and Slow to Anger. Walk. Breathe. Sing. Dance. Read. Eat Chocolate. Savor a Good Glass of Wine. Wiggle your Toes. Sleep well. Life is Good!


Things I'm Grateful For!

Note to Reader:
this list is random and not entered on a scale from 1 to wherever it stops!

1. Grace (the ability to receive it and the ability to extend it. 2. My Family 3. My home
4. Reasonably Good Health 5. My Faith 6. Art-the talent I discovered less than five years ago.
7. Being blessed so I can be a Blessing to others.
8. Having a day free to play in the dirt! 9. Fishing 10. The opportunity to care for and play
with my grand baby girl everyday! 11. Friends (especially girlfriends) to spend hours talking
and laughing with! 12. The things my mom taught me 13. Having had Dr. Busbee as my doctor. 14. Wisdom enough to know when to be silent and when to speak up.
15. Discernment. 16. Patience. 17. The experience of caring for elderly and/or terminally ill.
18. My grandmother teaching me to garden, cook and pray. 19. My daddy teaching me how to
create a feast when "there's nothing to eat in the house" 20. My experience as a paralegal
(which taught me to become my own health advocate and the ability to research).
21. A desire to learn. 22. Bacon Cheeseburgers. 23. Coca Cola. 24. Ambien. 25. Spring.
26. Scrabble. 27. Reading on rainy days. 28. Spending the day watching Sex and the
City re-runs. 29. Or, Walton's re-runs! 30. Vitamin Water. 31. The color Red. Heck! All the
colors in the crayon box! 32. New Orleans (except when it rains). 33. Dauphin Island sunsets
34. Gardening. 35. "Grown-up" talks with my teenage daughter. 36. A nice long walk on a
spring day. 37. Dark Rum and Ginger Beer 38. Building Lego towers with a two year old
39. Answering machines 40. Fruit smoothies (all natural). 41. Blessing the homeless man
(or woman) on the corner. 42. Handy Manny. 43. The Food Network 44. The Grillmeister
(my husband). 45. Iced tea.46. Hot tea. 47. Milk and cookies. 48. Waking up in the morning
and weighing less cause I skipped dinner.49. Harmony. 50. My puppies (Bo and Sammy).
51. Spring showers. 52. Spring flowers! 53. My purring cats. 54. Hubby surprising me with lunch!
55. Tyler Candles! 56. Two beautiful daughters. 57. My handsome son-in-love.
58. Addelyn Keller White, my first, my only grandchild! 59. My most wacky friend, Ardith.
60. New shades of watercolor. 61. Chocolate 62. Answered prayers. 63. Ice Cream
64. A gallery space I can call my own. 65. The ability to 'agree to disagree'
66. Catching up with friends and family on Facebook. 67. A free day to paint or piddle!
68. Collecting things that make me smile (even after I've had them several years).
69. Journaling 70. Blogging. 71. Surfing the net 72. Cranking up the radio! 73. Sixlets
74. Living on the Gulf Coast. 75. Being able to pay nearly $4 gallon for gas! (I wonder
how much it will be by the time I finish this list!) 76. Wire Ribbon 77. Vidalia Onions!
78. My first fresh tomato sandwich of the season! 79. Sonic Chili Dogs. 80. Mobic
81. Finishing the 'to-do' list .... well, ok, accomplishing a lot on the list!
82. Reading my horoscope the next day and seeing if it was true or not!! 83. Weddings!
84. Family Reunions! 85. Pot-Luck Dinners 86. Progressive Dinners! 87. Sharp Pencils
88. A fresh new, blank canvas 89. Muffallettas 90. Krispy Kreme Donuts
91. Grilled Sourdough, Havarti, Bacon and Pear Sandwiches 92. My chiropractic pillow.
93. Acceptance. 94. Affirmation 95. Space 96. Books! 97. Magazines
98. A quiet place to read! 99. The Docks of Aloe Bay on Dauphin Island.
100. Sharing a Mokey and Fig Nu Nu's with Keller! (A Smoothie and Fig Newtons)!

101. Collage 102. Epsom Salts Baths 103. Fresh Cut Flowers
104. Campho Penique (stops the bruising process! I'm always running into desk corners!)
105. Good Hair Days 106. Burning time in the Book Store 107. Starbucks
108. Hearing that 'still small voice' telling me what to do 109. The Power of Prayer
110. Singing old gospel songs to the top of my lungs! 111. Resolving conflict
112. Scarves 113. Funky, silly sox 114. Family Holidays 115. Family Dinners
116. Snowcones. 117. Finding odd and familiar seashells. 118. Feather Boas! 119. S'mores
120. Found objects to tinker with 121. Trying new recipes. 122. Sushi! 123. an eye for color!
124. Date night! 125. Smells that trigger memories. 126. God's Favor! 127. God's Word
128. The courage to live by my convictions. 129. A sense of humor 130. Muscato!
131. Stamina, when I need it! 132. Painfree Days (or at least, moments). 133. Reading Glasses
134. Brighton Jewelry! 135. Premier Jewelry! 136. Knowing it's okay to mix the real stuff
with the costume stuff! 137. Monkeys. 138. The smell of fresh cut grass. 139. Mac&Cheese
140. Candle Warmers. 141. Glass Beads 142. Time to Sew! 143. Fresh Orange Juice
144. Rotisserie Chickens! (can I get an 'Amen'?!)
145. Colored Pencils. 146. Fresh Linens. 147. Onion Rings and Ranch Dressing (BTD!)
148. Knowing that Peace, Order and Chaos can exist together! 149. Gorgonzola
150. Jimmy Lowe's Fresh, Local Grown, Vegetables!!!
151. Cupcakes!!! 152. Grape Tomatoes 153. Dappled Shade 154. Lemonade
155. Potato Soup 156. Veggie Fahitas 157. Pulling a giggling two year old in a litte red wagon!
158. REAL Whipped Cream and Fresh Strawberries! 159. Garden Magazines
160. Ben & Jerry's Wavy Gravy! 161. Brighton Sunglasses 162. Chinese Food
163. Fortune Cookies 164. Asian Pear Martinis 165. ArtWalk Downtown Mobile
166. Outdoor Art Shows 167. Crying in the Shower (it's cleansing). 168. Icees
169. Electric blankets 170. Tissue Paper (the gift wrap kind, you moron!) 171. Coffee
172. Old quilts, especially the one that STILL smells like my grandmother.
173. Post-It Notes 174. Pink grapefruit 175. The smell of baby lotion (the one in the pink)
176. Caramel 177. Dark Chocolate 178. Cornbread Dressing 179. Sweet Potatoes
180. Devilled Eggs w/Horseradish 181. New Razors 182. Snow Angels
183. Mini Wheats 184. Boudan Sausage 185. Gumbo 186. Music
187. Hurricane Season without hurricanes 188. BBQ 189. Warm Bread & Buttah
190. Charred Hotdogs (Make mine w/mayo, mustard and Vidalias, please!)
191. Hairspray 192. Acrylic Paints 193. New paintbrushes 194. Mail Order.
195. Sugar Cookies 196. Fudge 197. Staplers! 198. Calculators 199. Sunscreen
200. Quiet Time to Meditate on that thing called "Love one Another" and my part in it.

201. Hot biscuits with chocolate syrup!!
202. Peppermint Coffee 203. Oysters! 204. Dancing in the sprinkler! 205. Tinker Bell
206. Beautiful Journals to write my current thoughts in 207. Reading them five years later!
208. Warm cookies 209. Fimo 210. Sculpey 211. Fireplace 212. Bonfires 213. Candy Kisses
214. Surprises in the mail 215. M&Ms 216. Cheerios 218. Rib Eyes 219. NYC
220. My granbaby sitting in my lap, singing to me!
221. Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwiches! 222. Figs 223. Norah Jones CD
224. Simple Cameras 225. Pottery Barn Giftcards 226. Chocolate Wine 227. Clip-on Earrings
228. A Balanced Checkbook. 229. A balanced life (where did mine go?!) 229. Snickers
230. Christmas Ornaments 231. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (one of my fave reads!)
232. The Shack (another) 233. The Help (another!) 234. Short afternoon naps
235. Nail polish! 236. Crawfish Etoufee 237. Jambalaya 239. Birthday Cake
240. Wandering around small towns 241. Gossipers realizing they like me : ) 242. Root Beer
243. Repeat art customers! 244. Waterfront property 245. Gullah Gullah Island re-runs
246. Honey 247. Herbs de Provence 248. Spending a little time reading blogs 249. Crab Claws
250. Scripture that gets me thru a rough time
251. Reading glasses! 252. Graduation Ceremonies ( I always cry a little! Today I laughed a lot too
'cause my girls were keeping me in stitches!) 253. Hot Donuts. Now! 254. Merrills!
255. Sweet Italian Cream Coffee Mate 256. Finally getting my raised bed vegs planted!
257. Egg Sandwiches 258. French Fry Sandwiches! 259. Banana Sandwiches too!
260. Affirmation 261. Pulling something outta my closet and it fits (it didn't last year!)
262. Roma Tomatoes 263. Basil 264. Pineapple Sage 264. Chocolate Mint
265. Hanging out in the Man Cave with my hubs (did I say that already?) 266. Handmade anything!
267. Talking to my Daddy 268. Caller ID 269. God's Protective Hand 270. Round Up!
271. There are other grocery stores besides Walmart 272. Rosemary Chicken 273. Bacon Biscuits
274. Lidocaine Patches!! 275. The courage NOT to have surgery suggested bydoc (trying alternative)
276. Warm fuzzy sox 277. A washer and dryer 278. Friends who share art techniques & tips
279. Carousels 280. Scrapbooking old photos (memories!) 281. Drumstix (the ice cream)
282. An outlet for my failures (a/k/a blogging about self-improvement) 283. spill-proof juice cups
284. Peg board 285. this is beginning to get repetative (and even a bit silly), don'tcha think?
But, don't send me any nasty comments in the line of "you think it's silly to be grateful?"
No! I don't. I have a grateful heart. I know from whom my blessings come and a
I thank Him daily. It's just this 50 y/o brain can't seem to remember what I've typed!
I don't have time to go back and read to see if I'm duplicating. If I do, oh well.
286. Aveeno 287. Restaurant Ground Coarse Black Pepper 288. Pasta and Parma!
289.  A quiet place to read.  290. Reading glasses  291. Knowing I have a Plan B
292. Choices  293. Limitations  294. Paper to write lists (because my memory fails me often!)
295. Summer Vegetables  296. Knowing my limits  297. B12 shots  298. Sugar Wafers
299. Knitting  300. The desire to learn new things!

301. Jergen's Lotion (it's an old fashioned smell!)  302. Avon Timeless 
303. Elizabeth Arden True Love Perfume  304. Merrill Shoes  305. Fresh Cut Flowers
306.  My friend, Angie, for sharing a video that is changing my life for the better!
307.  Juicing!  308. Improving my health with God's bountiful fruits and veggies!
309.  Seeing the numbers on the scale decrease!  310. Energy for a change!
311. Gardening books!  312. Planning a fall garden  313. More Merrill Shoes!
314. A willingness to pray for and bless others!  315.  The ability to bless others!
316. Friends sharing their gardens!  317.  Sharing mine!  319. Renters for our condos!
320.  Belief that we will see them SOON!  321. Watching my youngest daughter become wiser!
322. Seeing my granbaby girl regularly!  323. Becoming wiser, myself!  324. Coconut Water
325. Setting up my treadmill again .... til the cooler weather arrives! 
326.  Friends I've made on-line  327.  A simple meal with a few friends  328.  Kool-aid
329.  Chicken & Dumplins  330.  Horseradish Devilled Eggs  331.  Rosemary Olive Oil Bread
332.  Amish Buttah  333.  Mandarin Orange Cake  334. Lo Lo's Gumbo  335.  FAMILY
336. Painfree Days  337. Lower Numbers on the Scale!  338.  Cranberry Sauce w/Orange Zest and Pecans
339.  Surprise Telephone Calls  340. Spices! Spices! Spices