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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Peaceful Place(s)

Where do I relax? First, let me define what "relax" means in my vocabulary! Those moments come in brief increments! Kinda like vacations in our family which are the equivalent of weekends, 'cept for those week long excursions that come every five to ten years. I've learned to force myself to relax in small measures because I fatigue easily. Those brief moments can be refreshing too and I usually come away ready to tackle the next thing on the to-do list. Below are most of the "peaceful places" I claim my own.

First, the guest room chair. Here, I read (usually only a chapter at a time) while Keller naps. There's a peace I feel in that room that I don't feel anywhere else in my home. Perhaps it's because of the double wide book shelves (behind me as I take the picture) filled ... and overflowing ... with fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, gardening, art, etc. Perhaps it's because my sweet mother-in-laws spirit lingers there. I dunno. But it is my favorite peaceful reading spot. It's also where my grandbaby girl's crib and changing space is! Come to think of it during the roller coaster of emotions the week my mom was dieing and Keller's birth was taking place, running across town daily between two hospitals, holding both mom's hand and holding Keller were my total peace. God knew what He was doing. His timing is always perfect.

The spot below is in the corner of my living room. This is where I sit a couple of brief times a day with a cup of hot tea or coffee and take in the view of the main part of the house. I see the dining room, kitchen and foyer from here. I'm usually sitting there with my to-do list or looking thru the mail order catalogs, while Keller plays with her toys at my feet. It is my thinking chair!

Oh yeah! My studio work table! This would be my therapeutic space! My creative peaceful space .... well, most of the time it is. Especially those times when all the other ephemera has been put away and only the watercolor materials are out. Watercolors are the only medium that relaxes my mind and spirit. A lot of "Be still and know" moments happen at that table!

Don't you dare laugh! Yes, for the most part, Facebook is a peaceful place! I can catch up and visit, wish happy birthdays and laugh anytime I need a break! I don't even have to get dressed up for company!
Ok, this time you may giggle! You'll probably even gasp at the site! The rocking recliner landed at my request from the hunting camp after Keller came along. There is a large space between my living and dining rooms and there it sits. The ultimate comfort! We have two matching recliners in our bedroom and a smaller one in the living room on top of this one. But this one isn't noticed by most people ....... cause it is camouflage afterall!! I'm sure my husband would love to have it back at the camp but as long as Keller still scoots over to me and says "rocky baby gannah" it's gonna stay put! It is our peaceful place!

Recipe Share! Shortcuts abound this year in the Keller house! My Favorite cookie dough concoctions. You can add anything to cookie dough!! Come to think of it ... would it become home-made if you alter it? LOL!

Peppermint Cookies: scoop sugar cookie dough into small balls and dip top in crushed peppermint. Bake & cool completely. Dust with powdered sugar.

Smoochies: Sprinkle the top of slice-n-bake sugar cookies with granulated sugar and place a Hershey Kiss into the middle of each slice.

M&M Cookies: Mix mini M&Ms into the sugar cookie dough!

Jolly Jumbles: Mix pecans and mini M&Ms into chocolate chip cookie dough.

Doubletrees: Mix walnuts, choc. chunks and 1 cup oatmeal into chocolate chip cookie dough.

PBC Chips: Combine peanut butter chips with chocolate chip cookie dough.

Oatmeal: Add dried cranberries and almonds or walnuts to oatmeal cookie dough.

The ideas are endless!!


  1. Oh my goodness, that story about your first peaceful place gave me chills. You are so right, He does know just what to do, and sometimes it just takes us a while to get on the same page. So special! And, I'm totally drooling over that chair! The last picture is just too funny! Reminds me of the Dad's chair on Frasier! Thanks for linking up with us for Home Tour Tuesday.



  2. OH OH OH!! I love that leopard chair girl!!! LOVE IT!! I have 2 but they aren't that pretty at. all!!


    Thanks for playing along with Shannon and I.

    Join me tomorrow {its already up actually} for {semi} wordless wednesday!! Pass it on to Jen, lol!!

    Hope your night is great:)

  3. the story made filled me with emotion and I can relate to so many things youve said here!! Thanks for sharing that side of you and your life and YES God never closes one door that he doesnt open another! Sounds like the timing was PERFECT!
    I love your ideas fro the cookies too...I'll be trying several~great ideas :o) The amish in Pa. put broken pretzel pieces in their chocolate chunk cookies and the salty sweet cookies became my favorite in a ht second!!


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