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Monday, November 1, 2010

Growl Growl! Grumble Grumble!

Why is that we have to wake up and get outta bed just cause the sun does? I say 'as long as you put in a full work day (or evening) it shouldn't matter'. I am not a morning person. Let me clarify that statement. If I get up at 6am or before, I'm moving at a pretty good clip by 7: but after that it takes a few cups of coffee or some other intravenous caffiene to get me moving. My husband says I sound like a troll in the morning. Honestly! I perform my best in the evening. I get more done. My creative side is a night owl. It's nothing for me to be wide awake at 1am busy as a bee. Maybe that's why I'm not a morning person. Gotta get crackin' this's 8:00 already! Where has the day gone?!

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