Love deeply. Laugh. Cry. Talk to God. Be realistic about the to-do list. Stay in touch. Hug. Dream. Smile. Break Bread often with Family. Spend Time with your Girlfriends. Shop til you Drop! Extend Grace. Be Quick to Forgive and Slow to Anger. Walk. Breathe. Sing. Dance. Read. Eat Chocolate. Savor a Good Glass of Wine. Wiggle your Toes. Sleep well. Life is Good!


Juicing Days' Nine and after can be found here! 
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Day 30:   Today is the last day!  Moving on to a lifelong change of healthier eating habits!  Thanks for hanging with me through this challenge!  I'm feeling so much better compared to a month ago!  I'm hovering just above a 20# weight loss!  I will continue juicing once a day along with more nutritious choices for me and what I prepare for my family.  Planning a one week juicing fast again when hunting season starts!  See ya then!  Better choices ahead!

Day 29:   I made four loaves of Banana Bread yesterday trying to use up some of those bananas I brought home from Jimmy Lowes.  Hubs devoured nearly half of one while they were still warm from the oven!  Spent part of the morning pitting cherries and repotting a box of lettuce seed mix the dogs made cool beds in yesterday!  I'll be glad when tomorrow comes and goes.  Honestly, I'm tired of blogging about the juicing, tired of keeping up with what day I'm on.  I'm sure y'all are tired of reading it too!  The juicing has become part of my life, replacing bad habits, flooding my body with nutrients, healing.  I'll continue.  I won't stop.  I'll report in from time to time!

Day 28:   Made a run to my favorite local farm stand this morning for end-of-season peaches.  Got a deal on bananas 8#s for $1.39!  They are not as ripe as the ones on my counter!  90% of them will be peeled and halved and frozen for future smoothies and ice-cream!  Another nearly out-of-season item is Vidalia Onions.  I love, love, love Vidalias and loaded up on a dozen!  Will put the larger ones on the grill this weekend along with some squash and eggplant!  Off to make my morning juice!  Juicing oranges and peaches with a few cherries tossed in!

                          More Juice Combos!

Day 27:   I'm three days from my 30 day juicing goal!  I'm probably as tired blogging about it as you are reading about it.  What else is there to say?  I juice.  I drink.  I feel good.  A lot of folks ask me about juicing.  A lot of folks are in worse shape than I was.  A lot of folks aren't willing to put the effort into it.  Although I jumped in full saddle my first day, it could be a transition.  Change one meal a day to raw foods or juice.  Do that for a few days or a week.  Then make it two meals a day, or one meal and one snack.  Where there's a will there's a way.  Everybody has to find a reason and their own "want to" to do this.  I found mine!  I was tired of 24/7 chronic pain, lethargy, sleeplessness, cravings and mood swings.  Juicing is not a "cure all" but the concentrated nutrients have been nourishing something deep down inside and making gradual changes towards better health.

Day 26:   Just returned from the grocer with next produce to carry me thru the, somewhat, end of my 3-4x daily juicing regimen!

Day 25:  Spent the entire day gardening!  Getting ready for fall!  Planted with "juicing" in mind!  I must state again.....stamina!!  The only thing I'm still having issues with is the nerve pain in my feet...mostly my right foot.  I had a nerve conduction test performed awhile back and I have neuropathy in both feet, as well as nerve damage, both from my B12 deficiency and from dropping a heavy piece of furniture across the top of both feet at the same time ... twice.  I suppose I'm fortunate I didn't break both feet.  I'm hoping, eventually, the nutrients from juicing will bathe those nerves and I will somewhat recover.  I'm hopeful because I have read testimonials of remission from Multiple Sclerosis patients .... B12 nerve damage is similar ... in fact I've learned that B12 deficiencies are often mistaken for MS.  Anywho!  Days like today when I'm on my feet ALL DAY leave me in so much pain it's difficult to walk.  Tomorrow will be a "be kinder to your circulatory system" kind of day (from one of my favorite movies!).  Foot elevation required. 

Day 24:  Busy, Busy Day!  Sorry!! 

Day 23:   I continue to be amazed at the stamina I have now!  Busily preparing for a weekend of prepping the garden for fall planting!  I picked up transplants at the garden center this morning with juicing in mind!
Seven days to go to my thirty day goal!!!  Not much will change!!  I ♥ juicing!

Day 22:  I was thinking yesterday about how many starts and stops I've made to improve my health and/or lose weight.  I lost count!  Weight Watchers, Physician's Weight Loss Center, Atkins, low fat, low glycemic, low sugar, Slim Fast.  I don't even remember them all right now!  No diet pills (even though my endocrinologist suggested it more times than I care to count!  I would be a statistic right now, if I had!).  Juicing is the only thing I've stuck to for more than a few days.  No kidding!  I feel amazing.  I'm not even winded on the treadmill!  There is as much variety as you are willing to experiment with.  Some don't even have to bother with the decisions of cooking a meal ... I still have that task for my family.  I hope you took a chance to check out the two links I posted yesterday.  But, only if you really want to feel better!

Day 21:  Many have asked "What inspired you to do this?"  Here's the link to the post a friend put on FB.  I watched the trailer and started digging and looking for more info and eventually saw the entire video.  I knew it was for me!  and then, .  Take a look!

Day 20:   Yay!  Down 17.5#s!!!  More importantly ... and the reason I began this ... back and neck pain/ (herniated discs with spinal cord intrusion) inflammation has lessened to the point I occasionally take an anti-inflammatory, instead of several a day. Keeping that inflammation in check will help me to avoid surgery!  I still take Mobic for nerve pain (B12 deficiency) but I believe that will also get better.  I'm off the bp med!  I'm sleeping ... using only half an Ambien a few times a week, instead of a whole one every single night!  These are the reasons I began juicing!  The weight loss is a "side effect" of it all!  Albeit a welcome side effect!!

Day 19:  Being the Foodie that I am, I have incorporated raw fruits and veggies (steamed or raw) back into my day, along with nuts, legumes and a little cheese. My cravings have changed for the better.  For those who know me well, to hear that I no longer crave, chocolate, bread, butter, sugar, coffee or Cokes, that is a huge change!  I am amazed daily by how much better I feel since I've been juicing and plan to juice two meals a day indefinitely. Thanks for hanging with me!

Day 18: Been on the run most of the day!
Thankful for Bolthouse Farms Juices!

Day 17:  Having a refreshing juice: peaches, oranges, grapefruit and strawberries!  I'm doing it because I feel better!  I'm doing it because it was time I took responsibility for my own health.  I'm doing it because I don't want to be a walking pharmaceutical in my senior years!  I'm doing it because I love my family and want to be around while.  I'm doing it!

Check out this site!

Day 16:  Soooooo.....I've seen turned up noses.  I've heard all kinds of reasons not to do this.  I've answered all the questions.  I've even heard second hand "what on earth is she up to with this juicing thing?"  I wanna just ask "What on earth are you up to .... NOT juicing?"  I was skeptical.  Now, I'm a believer.  The proof is in the labs, on the scale, and, more importantly, how I feel.  I've gone from lethargic to energetic in a short period of time.  Blood Pressure med is gone and I'm sure more will follow!  I've had no reflux issues while juicing .... which is big when you have a hiatal hernia/acid reflux and can't take antacids! 

Day 15:  Morning Juice: 1/4 Pineapple, 7 strawberries, 1 peach, 1 orange, 1/2 lime ..... Yummo!

Lunch Juice will contain beetroot, green apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, tomatoes, lemon, red onion and ginger. Beetroot juice helps increase red blood cells. Vitamin C in apple and lemon increase the absorption of iron, folic acid, copper and zinc from beetroot. Onion and ginger are immune boosters. This one focuses on my anemia!

Day 14:  Gettin' my Juice On!  Woke up this morning with lower back and shoulder aching .... likely due to moving that heavy treadmill inside yesterday.  It's mild compared to the visit from Mother Nature.  Menopause! Menopause! Oh, Where art Thou, Menopause?! 

Day 13:  Getting an early start!  Jumped on the scale ..... haven't seen that number since, hmmmm ..... I was pregnant with my youngest daughter.  She's almost 19!  Yay me!  13 pounds in 13 days!  No! I'm not superstitious!  That's a great side effect of juicing!  I feel so much more energetic! 

For those who asked:  Juice Fasting - Detox Phases

Day 12:  I realized this morning that I haven't taken my vitamins for the last three days.  Normally, if I missed one day, I'm drained.  Obviously, I'm getting what I need from juicing!  After doing a little bit of painting in my studio this morning, I decided to get dressed and run to Lowe's for ideas for my fall garden.  On a whim, I pulled a pair of capri's from the 'end of the closet where the clothes were to snug to wear"!  You know you have one of those too!  No struggle to side button/zip!  Yay!  Weigh in tomorrow!

Day 11:  Lot's of energy today!  Ran errands and did some shopping with my youngest daughter.  In the past I was good for a couple of hours before dwindling in exhaustion.  Still going strong when we returned home!
Day 10:  Back in full swing juicing!  Can't stop now!  I'm hooked!  I've been perusing the web looking for juices geared towards specific issues.  Very interesting ... the nutrient connections!

Insomnia        arthritis        MIGRAINES          Inflammation/Joint Pain          Check out this video!


Day 9:  The day went pretty good until dinner.  We went for dinner and hooked up with some friends.  It was 'fish 'n grits' night!  I confess.  I partook!  Small portions: fried fish, grits, slaw and fresh tomato.  I felt fine ...  for about half an hour.  After we returned home, I got extremely nauseated.  Lost my cookies, so to speak.  Literally wretched and heaved for twenty minutes or so.  It was awful.  It's not the first time I'd had solid food because I have, a few times, had raw food when I felt the need to chew!  But it was the first time ingesting any kind of fats.  ie, fried and mayo based slaw dressing and tartar sauce.  It was definitely a learning curve!  My body rejected it so violently I don't know if I'll ever eat fried or high fat food again!  After I finish this juice fast, I will slowly transition into raw foods and then steamed .... I'll cross that bridge later!   On a high note!  I saw my doc yesterday and he told me to keep it up!  Yay!