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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!

We all have it! Clutter! Paper trails! Dust bunnies! Well, for me, dust bunnies are clutter. I hate stuff. I hate piles, although my filing system is more like a piling system. I'd rather just close the door to the clutter same as I do my daughter's bedroom. Outta sight, outta mind. Or is it? No, unfortunately, it's skipping around in my head when I'm looking for something that is out of place. I'm basically a perfectionist. You know, the kind of person who procrastinates until there is a large enough block of time to do it and do it right? That's me. I'm not OCD about anything except doing it right. Well, maybe I do go a little out of kilter when I'm expecting company ... or so my girls' say. I suppose I, like 90% of the country, have too much stuff to begin with. My art supplies and equipment aside (cause that doesn't count here), realistically, I have too many dishes, to may floral arrangements, too many seasonal decorations and too many shoes. Really. I collect serving pieces probably because I love color and pattern. I've tried parting with some as gifts with food items. But I bring home more than a give away. Floral arrangements are seasonal and sit on the shelf in my garage when out of season ... the 3' x6' shelf. Yes, it's full. As far as the decorations, another collection issue. I've already gone thru the shoes and eliminated over a dozen pair because of a foot issue. No, I'm not telling how many are still there. Nope!

I know I'm not in this alone. This website has helped me to be reasonable about clutter. Well it's a start anyway. Check it out. They are on Facebook too. Clutterbusting! Not for the faint of heart!

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