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Friday, January 27, 2012

Willow Tree

Hello.  My name is Terri.
I am a collector.

I collect things that remind me of special times.  Memories.
I'm gonna share one (of many) with you!

The one on the left represents my oldest daughter.
The one on the right, my youngest.

This one I bought after I finally came to the adult realization
that I shouldn't expect perfection from my mom, 
lest my girls expect it from me.  I ♥ you mom!
Arms raised in praise signifies Victory for me!  \o/
(The Willow Tree title is "courage")

My first grandbaby!  

I know this isn't a Willow Tree.  But, it's the only "garden" angel 
I've come across that I truly loved and it fits in quite nicely
I think it was an ornament in another life (hence the eye bolt)!

I Willow Tree! 

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  1. :) No words to say, just that your post made me smile! :)


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