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Thursday, January 12, 2012

 Yesterday I spent half the day preparing 
seed trays for my Spring Garden!
Except for a few things I can't find seed for, 
I'm growing my own transplants
from heirloom and organic seed!  
I'll get transplants for the others.  Yay me!!  
Can't wait to see the little sprouts pop up!

This little tabletop greenhouse is holding corn!
Yes, corn!  Only 12.  I dunno where I will put it!
My dh assures me we will find a place!

Greenhouse Central!  Right off the dining room!
All those trays are mini incubators for seed!
Once they sprout, the lids will be removed!
Everything should be ready to put in the ground
by the first of March - after a little 
acclimation to the outdoors!

Yes! That's a storage container!  
Lot's of neat ideas like this on!!

Now, before it gets any chillier outside, 
I must bundle up and go cover my 
strawberries and fruit trees!

Stop by tomorrow for Let's Eat!  
I'll be linking up with
again with recipe to share!

NOTE:  Let's Eat starts up again Jan 27th!
I'll still post my recipe tomorrow!!!


  1. geez lady. making me look bad. so proud of you.

  2. the table top greenhouse is so pretty! i want one. you are well on your way to spring!

  3. LOL! "Lisa" I'm pacing myself! I want to be ready early this year! last year it was after Mother's Day before we got transplants in the ground and then had to fight the heat of the summer! Get crackin!!

  4. Hey Carissa!!! Greenhouse is from Pottery Barn! It was a splurge a couple of years ago. Last year I set up a Christmas scene in it! Very versatile! And this is the small one!!!


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