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Monday, January 30, 2012

Miscellany Monday Ramblings

Meet the Work Horse in my kitchen!

My Viking is NOT a show-off stove!  
Meaning it's not spotless.
It works harder than I do 
(hmmmm, well, it's not a competition!)
It gets used every single day ... sometimes all day.
(Wait, Hunting Season is the occasional exception 
or being out-of-town, or when mama takes the day off).
Often there are cooking marathons going on!
And, Canning Days really put it to the test!

I spent yesterday and this morning 
showing the Viking a little ♥!
It got scrubbed, and polished.  
Spit-shined, as my grandmother used to say!
That chore led to polishing its stainless neighbors.

Now, she's ready for my next cooking project!!

Sourdough Bread!

Baking cupcakes with Keller-Bug

Vats of spaghetti sauce!!

Canning Projects!

Homemade Pizzas!!

What's your kitchen work-horse?
Your go-to gadget?

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