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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A day in the life of ...

Yo!  Hey!  Mornin'!

Not much sleep last night.
Neighbors kept me awake til after 3am with all their hoo-hah.
It's taken two hours to get rid of a major headache,
but now I'm rip-rarin' to go after a pomegranate/blueberry smoothie!
A pot of chili is on the stove!  Laundry is almost done!

I'm finishing up projects around the house.
Projects that require making a mess.
It's a good time to do these things during the last week of hunting season.
Otherwise I would procrastinate -
because feeling like I need to clean up the mess before I finish -
because the family is coming home for the evening -
keeps me from  pulling it all out to begin with. (Did that run-on make sense?).

January is always a good month to spring clean (for me).
Not much traffic underfoot.
But!! Oh, the honey-do list I've made!!
Honey-Do Season follows immediately on the tails of Hunting Season!
You didn't know that?!!   Oh Yeah!!

The next three days will be busy, busy finishing up the major clean-up,
organizing and hauling off ... then we jump into a month-long paperwork
frenzy.  Tax prep.  File cabinet purge.  Paper trails.  Computer files.  Resource pics.
Passing on old books (topics I'm no longer interested in) to make room for new ones!
Piles of photos and recipes.  You know the drill!  You have this stuff too!

Then!!  The best of all!!  March will arrive heralding in Gardening Season!!
Spring is just around the corner!!!

But for now ...  {slapping myself back to the present},
dust bunnies are swirling around my ankles taunting me
and the garage awaits editing!  I'm giving it an honest hour before I take a break
to watch one of my favorite cooking shows.  {sheepish grin}
Pacing myself!

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  1. Wow, you sure have set up a busy schedule, I'm tired just reading it, guess I'll have to watch HGTV.


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