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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Garden Planning!

Within the next week I will get seeds (organic and heirloom varieties)
 in planting trays so they will be ready for transplanting first of March,
after the predicted last frost (end of February if Farmer's Almanac is right!).
Gonna set everything up in my little bump-out greenhouse off the dining room!

My goal is to try ever so hard to resist buying transplants and grow everything from seed.
The only thing I can think of (if I don't find seeds) would be Yummy Bells and a couple of herbs.
The hubs is gonna build me two more 4x4 raised bed frames and prepare the soil mix for me!

I'm hoping to get out of this boot soon - doc appt today.
But, there is a lot to do out there just to get ready. 
Planting season is two months away!
Canning season will be close behind!

1.  Plant seeds in flats (Don't forget to mark!).
2.  Clean up the fall garden and supplement with compost.
3.  Re-trellis the blackberries.
4.  Add a raspberry!
5.  Gather bamboo stakes (compliments of a neighboring bamboo wall)
6.  Build bamboo tee pees
7.  Relocate herbs and tender greens to partial shade.
8.  Configure a climbing apparatus for peas.
9.  Get transplants in ground
10. Sow some seeds directly.
11. Mark everything.
12. Journal everything.
13. Mulch everything
14. Don't forget the flowering stuff too!
15. Keep bird feeders filled!
16. Plant new Blood Orange Tree
17. Find a plum tree!
18. Look into espaliered apple and pear trees.
19. Fertilize fruit bearing trees
20. Trim hedges and overgrown stuff

.... it goes on and on .... 

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