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Monday, January 16, 2012

Miscellany Monday Ramblings

Do You Ever Wonder . . . 

1.  What "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor" means?  IMHO:  That "friend" or family member who tells another friend (or family member) half truths about you, your children, your business.  That's bearing false witness.  Gossiping (which is usually not the whole truth).  That's bearing false witness.   Joining in a conversation AND NOT DEFENDING the person being talked about when you KNOW the facts are a stretch.  Yep.  False witness.

2.  Why do hormones wake you up at the (as my daughter says) butt-crack of dawn?  I'm talking leg in, leg out.  Cover around your neck.  Cover slung off.  Snuggling.  Pushing away.  And toss in my foot firing off like Fourth of July fireworks since 4am (nerve pain), as well as this week's to-do list running through my mind like a Facebook ticker.  Ugh.  Adding a nap to that to-do list .... like that's gonna happen.

3.  Why women feel judged more by other women than by men?   Whether it's our appearance (or that of our spouse or kids - cause those always reflect back onto the mama or the wife), our home, our cars, our yards, our schedules or our ability to name drop, we are more concerned that people will talk, making assumptions about why we are less than perfect. Refresh yourself with #1.  Be honest.  You know those thoughts creep in every now and then.  And, you know, you've caught yourself, more than once, with the thought - What was she thinking?!!

4.  Why aren't we allowed to have an opinion?  Whether it's about politics or art or just that we don't like brussel sprouts.  It's just an opinion.  Geesh.  Some of us aren't as eloquent as others when it comes to verbalizing your opinions, which in turn often causes others in the room to make assumptions about your values.  (Uhm, #1 again).  And voicing an opinion isn't an open invitation for a debate.  Just sayin.

5.  Why do we feel the need to compete?  I'm not talking marathons or soccer.  More along the lines of  jealous, copy-cat, braggadocious,  I-can-do-that-better-than-you, I'm too important busy to have a life, look-at-me vain glory attitudes.  Why can't we just be happy for the other person when they share an accomplishment or good news?  Have you ever considered there might not be anyone else they feel comfortable sharing with?  (#3).  Instead .... well, just refer back to #1 again.

6.  And ..... Why do some people prematurely decide they don't like you and don't want you in their circle of friends based on comments others make instead of getting to know you themselves?  So .... gradeschool.  Yes ... I'm sure that would fall into the realm of  Numero Uno as well!

Okay.  I'll stop.  Is it too early to go back to bed?

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  1. Amen.

    Some people are plain ridiculous. =/


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