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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Transitioning . . .

The boot came off!  But, I'm not sure my life is "normal" again. Before I broke my foot, my days were filled with giggles and toys - occupied by my Granbaby Girl! She started daycare while I was convalescing.  She's doing fine with it.  Me?  Not so much. Though I've always had a to-do list that would boggle your mind, I find myself wandering around the house not sure what to do with my time. I look at my list and accomplish a lot, but I miss the little punkin-head tugging on my shirt-tail, watching movies, building Lego towers and watering plants.

I know it's a transition.  I've had many.  Before Keller came along, I was caregiver for my husband's aunt.  Before that, my mom became ill.  Before that my great aunt became sick, then my art business took off  Before that I was occupied trying to furnish two condos to rent.  I remember a bit of a lull between the condo rush and homeschooling.  Otherwise all these things sorta overlapped ... keeping me bouncing from here to there. Mix in gardening and canning and blogging and art shows and health issues and you'll understand how things seemingly came to a halt when I broke my foot.

The health issues have slowed me down a bit.  I'm a little rebellious in that area. I'm fighting with everything I've got ... including, but not limited to (that's the legal-ese coming out!) improving my diet, natural remedies, moderate exercise (for now) and pacing myself, which is difficult when you are accustomed to going full-speed-ahead.  Except for a couple of events, I'm taking this year off from the art show circuit (I'll still be painting - once I get back into the groove!). Gotta strengthen my body and take things at a slower pace.  I keep reminding myself  "God's got this" and his timing is always right.  I suppose it's His way of saying 'slow down and appreciate the little things'.

I guess Gramma just needed a play date!  We had one last night!  Craft Night at Keller-Bugs!  We made "Balentines" and hand prints and masks.  She glued buttons and peeled stickers and colored and Jen made imprints of her hands on small canvases.  It's the first time we haven't had two or three cameras flashing around the little diva!  She's coming for a visit this afternoon, so maybe we can have a re-do!!!

Have a grand weekend y'all!!


  1. It is hard to slow down when you are used to going at full speed. But it sure makes you appreciate what you have. Have a wonderful time with your little grand.

  2. Thanks Marti! Have a beautiful weekend yourself!!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. princess keller est très attachante , je te comprend Terri, que tes journées devaient être bien rempli avec cette magnifique petite fille, à bientôt bisous


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