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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

I was gonna blog about the mint infused grapefruit sections I canned this morning (think 'grapefruit mojito'!), but since my camera isn't working and I can't share the beautiful colors of the finished product I'll blog about it later.  {was that a tease, or what?!!}.

While waiting for my Granbaby girl to arrive for a play-date with Gramma, I perused around Pinterest.  Fabric and Quilts caught my eye this morning!  I am a fabric-a-holic!  Wandering around a fabric store is like being a kid at the candy counter!  I haven't sewn in over a year.  My sewing machine doesn't have a permanent home in my studio - an issue I plan to remedy (when I find a home for the stuff occupying that space).

My maternal grandmother "mama" taught me to quilt when I was in middle school.  She taught me on an old Singer treadle machine.  Being the uncoordinated individual I am, it was somewhat a challenge to keep my foot going while trying to concentrate on guiding the fabric beneath the needle!   I still have that quilt.  It's falling apart.  But I will patch it one day.  On several occasions my girls have asked for it when they weren't feeling well.  Snuggling with it brings comfort!  It still smells like "mama" to me!   I also have one of the quilts she made, as well as a couple of quilts my paternal grandmother made (one is her yo-yo quilt!!).  My paternal grandmother also gave me her quilting frame.  I used it once, but it was so old it started falling apart.  I should have mounted it on the wall instead.  Hindsight!  I also have the old Singer sewing machine!

So much for Semi-Wordless, huh?!!  Ok!  Pictures to follow of some of the really cute quilt ideas I  saw this morning.  No pics of my own SINCE THE CAMERA CARD ISN'T WORKING!  {sorry!  venting!)


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  1. I ADORE quilts! ALL of our blankets are either quilts or afghans. I made a quilt once out of blue jean squares. It's king size and it's so heavy it mashes our feet down and I can't use it! LOL All of a sudden today I feel like dragging out my sewing machine and playing :) You inspire me!


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