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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just before Christmas ....

Around 5 a.m. my youngest daughter stood at my bedroom door ... "Mom, did you hear that?  I heard a crash."  Dad gets up and looks around.  He goes outside locked and loaded .... maybe car windows?  maybe someone hit the power pole?  Walks thru the house to see if any shelving fell.  Nothing.  "I know I wasn't dreaming.  That was an awful sound."   Would we ever know?

The next day, I'm standing in the dining room and something caught my eye.  This is what I saw ...


I'd moved this pot inside last year because it had cracked in the cold weather. 

Read that post!

I had good intentions of repairing it ... but obviously it didn't happen.  Now, I have a major task on my hands.  I almost offered it to an artist friend who had recently taken mosaic classes in Ravena, Italy.  But, I just can't part with it.  I loved the pot when I first saw it at Duh in Pensacola!  I still love the pot!  My dh told me I could fix it.  I can do this!  When?  I dunno.  Putting it on the 2012 project list!

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