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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Y ...

Yes, It has been a rainy, dreary, chilly couple of weeks in the deep south.  It'll take awhile for things to dry out enough to get the garden started.  I've been slowly, but surely tackling the (before spring) to-do list.  This week, I'm determined to finish my 2011 biz paperwork and a detailed watercolor.  

Our Granbaby girl, Keller, 
may be spending the weekend with us!

We expect our second granbaby
in October!

Garden Season is almost within my grasp!

I'm gearing up for "canning season" 
with new pantry shelving!!!
600# load limit per shelf!  Lots of room for canning jars!!

I've got to focus on strengthening my ankles 
after being in a boot and on crutches.
{moan} Yes!

I need to focus on another round of juicing 
- inflammation has returned.
Perhaps it's more a permanent 
change of diet I should focus on.
{another moan}  Yes!

But today, I must focus on the issue of procrastination.
Something I was determined to complete 
before the end of  February.
It's the end of February.  Ugh.  Already.
Can I get one more Yes?   
I'll report back at the end of the day. 
We'll see!

I'm nearing the end of the alphabet!  Aren't you glad?

I have a new personal challenge coming up for March!  
Stay tuned!

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