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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

S is for . . .

Snoopy Dance!
for many reasons!

Seeds . . . Gardening season is right around the corner!

Oh boy! Oh boy!
Can't wait to get out there and start planting my garden!!
I tried starting a lot of things from seed this year.
Not a total success ... had to buy a few transplants.

Seasonings and Spices
Yes! This is an extension of my pantry.  
Relocated most of the dry goods (pictured along with baking items, etc)
to a wall in my studio because my canning projects 
took over the heavier shelves of the pantry.

Smith and Wesson
safety instruction and practice!

Didn't do too bad for a girl!
Loaded and shot the 38, the 45 and the shotgun!!
Not as scared of the guns as I was the day before!

Oh! And, in case you missed "R" yesterday!

The family went to dinner Saturday evening in the downpour.
We ordered ice-cream with hot fudge sauce to share.  
This is what one of the waitresses put on the table. 
It took me a couple of seconds!
We're having another granbaby!!!


  1. dancing, seeds, guns, and babies....oh forgot the Mason jars, ;) a southern girl's dream!loved this post.

  2. LOL! Inventorying the jars this morning --- gathering them all into one place! Getting prepared ahead for Canning Season! I'm just joking! There is no "canning season" because it's a year-round thing! ♥ the jars!!


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