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Thursday, February 23, 2012

T is for .....


"Togetherness" is a phrase coined by my sister, Tammy.

Anytime she gathers with someone to spend time, 
it's "togetherness" and a means for celebration!  
To meet someone with open arms and joy 
(no matter if you saw them only yesterday) 
is a "good thing" and it has become 
more than just a Tammy thing!

Embrace someone today!!
It's good for both souls!  

The other Ts in the family!
~ Toni, Terri, Tammy and Traci ~

(don't laugh!  We had cousins named
Vicki, Valerie, Vance and Vondale!)

To this day I don't know who Mom and Dad got to play Santa.
I vividly remember getting out of bed and looking around the corner 
into the living room to see Santa Claus putting gifts under the tree!
Wait! Who am I kidding?!  There is a Santa Claus!  Right?!!

That's me third from the right.
Those were my first Easter shoes with 1" heels.
Daddy told me I'd break my neck in those!

 Another Easter ... at Petie's
Double knit was fashionable!
Note: Tammy has on her play clothes under her Easter pants slacks!

 Boots were high stylin!
Notice my knee socks over the knee above the boots?!!!
Rebellious child!

 Love those expressions!!
Toni:  Really?
Tammy:  Huh?
Traci:  I see the light!
Me:  Just get this over with.

 I've lost count of how many different shots 
of this sitting there are floating around!


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  1. Sisters! Yay for "Togetherness"! Love the pics Thanks for sharing :)


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