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Friday, February 10, 2012

H is for Husband!!

My dear husband for almost thirty-two years!

Yes! He had just turned 20 and I turned 19 the month after we married!
We've weathered a few storms .... one rough patch early on.  Toss in Hurricanes Frederick and Katrina, along with three total home remodels (including recovering after the K Flood).  Add two daughters, a son-in- love and one precious granbaby girl (so far!) and . . . Life is good!  He truly loves his family!  I often hear "I love my girls" as he's passing hugs around!

He has great work ethics and expects the same from everyone else.  This is a good thing!  No slackers (unless you're sick)!  When I was laid up with my broken foot over the holidays, I tried to be a good patient, but I admit I became frustrated that I couldn't participate in keeping the house clean and the day-to-day tasks.  He just kept telling me "that's what you have me for" ... "you just get well"!

I remember a flight to New York with my girls several years ago.  While seeing us off at the airport, he hugged me and said "Take care of each other. My whole life is on that plane".  {sigh}


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  1. Awwwwe! What a Sweetie! :) You have been blessed!!


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