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Thursday, February 2, 2012

"A" is for Apple and a Zillion Other Things!

A is for apple.  ah ah apple ....
Keller learned her ABC's watching this video!

Speaking of  apples!
It's still apple season!
I've made apple syrup and apple pie filling 
and dehydrated cinnamon apples and 
Harvest Apples (a yummy concoction with 
cinnamon and raisins!) which is delightful warmed 
on the stove and eaten over waffles with 
a sprinkling of pecans!

A is for Ardith

Ardith is one of my dearest friends.  
She is definitely my wackiest friend!
I snapped this stylin' photo of her a couple of years ago!
It's my fave!  Reminds me to smile!
Ardith is also a very talented mixed media artist 
and watercolorist!  Lots of vision in that kooky head of hers!
Visit Ardith here and then take a hop over to
 All Things Ardithian and meet Found Baby!
Also, if you're in downtown Mobile, Alabama, 
visit her and several other very talented artists at Art(ology)
a cute little art gallery on Cathedral Square!
Life's Little Annoyances:
Facebook Whiners
Drivers blowing horns (this isn't NY)
Tomato Horn Worms
Dropped calls
Dust Bunnies
A being for Artist, I'll share my own art page!
I haven't painted in a few months.
Domestic tasks and health issues have taken priority.
Besides, my studio is in shambles at the moment!
I will be getting back to it.
I have one (not the usual seven) outdoor art event
 planned for this year. It's in April. Stay tuned for reminders!
Meanwhile, visit my art page here!
You can also scroll to the bottom of this blog
and see a selection of images from the gallery!

"The White Dogs"  watercolor

Do you watch CBS News Sunday Morning?
(Another Apple related post ... of a different sort)

This past Sunday I was troubled as I watched the documentary
(a/k/a The "Paul Harvey" rest of the story)
 about the children who build IPhones for Apple.  
Nets were installed to reduce the number of suicides by these
CHILDREN when they jump off the buildings because of 
harsh management and the stress they are under to produce 
at the Chinese factory. [the photo of the nets is eye-opening]. 
I'm not suggesting you not buy an IPhone.  I have one.
Apple has been the leader in communications and
innovation for years.  Where would we be without them?
I don't know what I'm suggesting, if anything.
Simply to be aware, perhaps.  I dunno.  It's just sad.

Read the story The Dark Side of Shiny Apple Products here.

Nancy Asbell!

Another fellow artist!
Amazing woman with incredible talent 
and incredible strength in the face of 
the incredible health challenges associated with Lupus. 

Nancy's Grace Notes are often my daily devotionals.
To find beauty in the everyday mundane
and overcoming daily pain and setback with more
grace than I could ever imagine having.

See Nancy's artwork at Fine Art America!


Personal Goal for this month!
Focusing on juicing and avoiding 
foods that cause inflammation!
Check out the Anti-inflammatory diet advice
at Northwest Edible!


TTFN! terri♥
Angel (mixed media)

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