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Saturday, February 4, 2012

C is for Cup Cakes, Coffee and Cutesy!

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I Cupcakes!

Who am I kidding?
I Chocolate!!
Check out the cupcake recipes at Kitchen Musings!


It's what's going on around my house!
If I don't use it, I'm gonna "lose" it!  

Brooks Palmer's Clutter-busting Blog 
is one of my faves!

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~Letting Go of What's Holding You Back~

"Baby Blue"  Crab watercolor

Cutie Patooty!
Check out some awesome photography
over at Soulshine Gallery!
I'm a little biased here ....
the cutey pie in the pic is my granbaby girl!
and the photographer is my baby girl, Jennifer!
Both of my daughters are shutterbugs!!
They will each be featured this month on J and L!
FollowJennifer's Gallery on Facebook!
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It's like combining Arts & Crafts and Cooking!

I Cats!
Watercolor I did for a friend!

Crinum Lilies!

Cajun Food!

Chinese Food!

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