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Monday, February 27, 2012

X ...

Do you remember that jingle ...
da, da, da, da, you need the X that Axion's got?
I know!!!  Corny, right?!   
Grasping at straws, you ask?  Yeah.

I'm not gonna try to impress anyone by tossing around words like Xyris, Xylobalsamum, Xiphioid, Xanthocarpous and Xyridaceious just to blog about the letter X.  Nope.  The only impressive thing is that each of those words are, or are relative to, plant life!  Odd things.  Unlike the plants in my garden, which are more common.  X-tra large cucumbers!  X-tremely delicious tomatoes!  X-cellent collard greens!  I could go on about being very X-cited about the upcoming gardening season and installing more X-travagant raised beds so we can raise an X-cess of produce!  But you've all heard that already!  I'm already planning how to X-tend the growing season past the summer months!  Okay!  I'll stop! 

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  1. I have waiting anxiously, wondering what you were going to do with "X"! Good job!!! :)


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