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Friday, February 3, 2012

B is for Bubbles! Bee Gees! Brownies! and Bling Bling!!


Aren't these gorgeous?
This pic is from one of my fave blogs,
Tom (the host) told me they were Bluebells 
and multiplied prolifically!!
I found some on ebay and they will be going 
in the ground this weekend around my River Birch.
Absolutely beautiful planted en masse!!!

Because I couldn't locate my photo among the jumble 
of computer files, I opted for sharing a similar 
concoction from Wizard Recipes!
I've started using Kefir instead of yogurt 
and I use Pomegranate juice and add a banana!

A great morning kick and loaded with antioxidants!!

BREAD (aka bray-ad)
specifically sourdough bread!
Pancakes, pizza and Sourdough Croutons!
Oh My!!

Bee Gees!!

The Brothers Gibb!!
One of my favorites (still is!)!!

Flash Back! 
(turn off the music player at the bottom of this page)


My friend, Denise is a very talented 
and versatile New Orleans Artist!
Look for her beautiful work in local galleries 
next time you visit NOLA!!

"Somewhere, Sometime"
"Cocktail Trio"

Follow Denise on Facebook!


Photo:  Garden of  Eating Blog

"Maya's Cupboard Brownies"
These are the first brownies I've ever
made from scratch and they were a hit!!
Simple ingredients already in the pantry!
Check out the recipe at The Garden of Eating Blog!

What goes better with Basil, than tomatoes?!!


B B Q !



Bling Bling!


  1. That smoothie looks good! Thinking about juicing again? I need to go back on one. Thinking post Valentines day... looking for a juicing buddy. You interested?

  2. Replies
    1. Yay! "We can do this!" :)


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