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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Z-Day!

It's Z-Day!

I was gonna be obviously lazy and post some expected quirky  zebra print items that caught my eye on Pinterest.   You know the first thing most people think of associated with the letter Z is zebra!  But we had a pleasant surprise this morning and I thought I'd share that with you instead.  Don't be disappointed!  I have a Z word to go along with it!!  

ZOOM!!!  ZOOM!!!  ZOOM!!!  
(photography lingo!)

My youngest daughter a/k/a "Small Child" is a shutterbug!  Both our daughters are!  Read about Jennifer here and Lindsay here! Anywho!  Small Child entered several pieces of her photography in a couple of local events.  She was called this morning by the Mobile SPCA and advised her entry was in the final ten!  It will be featured along with the other semi-finalists in the May issue of Mobile Bay.  There will be an opportunity for the public to vote!  Stay tuned!!

Photo by Lindsay Keller (Virtuous Photography)

Go Z-Z, Go!!!
Appropriately, "Z-Z" is what our 
granbaby girl calls her Aunt Lindsay!

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