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Thursday, February 16, 2012

99 Bottles of ..... oops!

N is for the

Ninety-Nine Places I frequent online
 (and in real life too!)
There aren't in any particular order ... 
just playing beat-the-clock to get them up!

1.  Well, if you're reading this you know the most frequent place already!
2.  And  my Facebook Page!
3.  My Daughter's Blog at The White House!
4.  Soulshine Gallery (photography)  (Baby's Girl's)
5.  Virtuous Photography (Small Child's)
6.   Overflow International - a great local Christian group that works disasters!
7.   Ardith, one of my BFFs Blogs!
8.   Flip Flops and Pearls Blog!
9.   Carolynn at Organized Heart!
10. Lori at Tales from the Homestead!
11. I visit Nancy Asbell daily for Grace Notes!  There are also art tips and beautiful paintings there!
12. Visit Carissa at Lowercase Letters for a Miscellany Monday linky party!
13.  Follow me on Pinterest!
14. Inspirational Reading at Thy Hand Hath Provided
15. Canning Granny indulges my love for canning!!
16.  My Personal Art Page at
17.  Pearls, Handcuffs and Happy Hour!
18.  Rumer - her voice!
19.  Smitten Kitchen!
20.  ARTOLOGY! a local gallery!
21.  NOLA artist, Denise Bourgeois!
22.  A Holy Experience!
23.  Michael English Midnight Cry (you tube)
24.  Visit the Gallery at Metro Glass!  It's where my work is hanging!
25.  Read about the adventures of Found Baby!
26.  Simply Canning makes it seem so easy!
27.  The 5 Princesses on Etsy
28.  Harvest to Table
29.  Reboot Your Life with Juicing!
30.  Gardening!
31.  Local Weather Man on Facebook!
32.  Another Local Gallery:  Kangal Gallery at the Sail Loft
33.  Rachel at  Finding Joy!
34.  My Fave Clutterbusting Site!
35.  Ree Drummond ~ The Pioneer Woman!
36.  Follow another local on Facebook!  The Host Gallery
37.  Basil Momma - Foodie Blog!
38.  Check out some cute stuff on Etsy at Jewelry by Jenn!
39.  Savory Sweet Life ~ mmmmmmmmmm
40.  Lots and lots of gardening info at  Hobby Farms!
41.  Cold Creek Homestead on Facebook
42.  Bulk herb Store is where I order most of my dried herbs from!
43.  Azure Standard is where I order most of my spices from!
44.  Julia Street Farm - another little local farm in the big city!
45.  Visit Tom at Tall Clover Farm!
46.  Hooterville! (another friend's blog)
47.  Food Thoughts Of a Chef Wannabe on Facebook!
48.  Lots of good health advice from Craig Stellpflug!
49.  Daphne's Dandelions
50.  Beautiful photography by Michael Mastro!
51.  Just across the Bay!  ♥  Fairhope, Alabama
52.  The Ugly Gardener ~ Nobody said it would be pretty!
53.  Need motivating?  You'll find lots of it on Drexel's site!
54.  Gramma's in the Kitchen   
55.   I ♥ Lydia's work!
56.  The Kitchen ~ 'nuff said!
57.  Hard work can made for an easier life!  Find out at Easy Living the Hard Way
58.  Modern Alternatives Mama - There are other ways!
59.  Local artist, Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough
60   Lacking space?  Try Container Gardening!
61.  Check out what you can grow in the shade at the Organic Gardening site!
62.  Visit Val Webb at The Illustrated Garden!
63.  What's happening around the state?  Look here!
64.  If you run on "garden time" you'll like the Northwest Edible Life!
65.  A place to learn about autoimmune issues.
66.  Check out my brother-in-law's artwork!
67.  Tips!!!  Frugally Sustainable
68.  Check out the yummies at the Wednesday Chef!
69.  Another, somewhat, local gallery!  The Garage in Point Clear, Alabama!
70.  Ever wanted to know how to successfully grow a pineapple?  I have four plants!
71.  Heal Thyself with some advice from Natural Life Magazine
72.  Check out these beautiful door wreaths at Janet's Wreaths!
73.  The Health Hut  is one of my fave local health food stores!
74.  Virginia's is the other!!
75.  Go Organic!!!  Shop The Fresh Market!
76.  Hurricane Season is not far away .... log in to Wunderground !!
77.  Currently reading Mockingjay (Third book of The Hunger Games)! Movie coming!
78.  I love Square Foot Gardening!
79.  Home away from home at Dauphin Island!
80.  The Urban Spoon has a good review of one of our faves, The Big Time Diner!
81.  Need some crockpot recipes?  Check out A Year of Slow Cooking at Crockpot 365!
82.  NOLA online!
83.  Oodles and oodles of Recipes!
84.  Foodies!!!  Commence drooling!  Food!!! Food!!! and more Food!!!
85.  Blog Hungry is on my list of things to make!!
86.  How cute!!  Toys made from your child's drawings!
87.  Barefeet and Blue Jeans!
88.  Chocolate Recipes!
89.  Mother Earth News
90.  Be prepared for your tummy to growl at Sweet Caroline's Cooking!
91.  Need a condo?  Sale or Rent!
92.  Yum!!! The Big Red Kitchen
93.  Cute Blog! Little Farm in the Big City
94.  Peppermint Plum Yum!
95.  Four Sisters Farm - My mom had four daughters!  Dynamics!!
96.  Homemade Living Everyday at Small Measure
97.  Moo Said the Mama -  Tomato powder!  Yes!  I got mine from Azure (#43)!
98.  Shortcut cooking with Chef Tess Bakeresse! (dehydrated and freeze dried recipes)
99.  Lots of Gardening info at Proven Winners!


  1. WOW!! That must have taken you a very long time come up with that list! I was going to read your post, but I think I'll do it tomorrow when I'll have enough time to visit the sites! I say again "WOW!" LOL

  2. They were all on my bookmarks or "frequent blogs" here .... or my FB likes!!! It took longer to change up the colors and fonts! Love these sites!


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