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Friday, November 18, 2011

Recipe Swap Yummies!

Not just for Thanksgiving ...

"Yummy Bells"
If y'all stuffed peppers,
you're gonna go ga-ga over these!
You can, of course use any peppers,
including, but not limited to,
(that's the legal-ese coming out!)
banana peppers, jalapenos, cubanelles,
whatever you have on hand!

Here's the stuffing recipe
(Sorry I didn't get a pic of the stuffed ones,
but, they were eaten pretty quick!)

Equal amounts of cream cheese,
gorgonzola, feta plus as much crumbled,
cooked bacon as you desire!
Heck!  Add anything you want!
Next time, I'm adding smoked gouda!
Allow the cheeses to come to room temp
making them easier to combine.
I used a baby spoon to get the filling in, 
(plenty of those around here!)
pressing it into the pepper cavities,
 after cutting off the top and scooping out
the seeds (easier with a serrated edge 
grapefruit spoon!).  Don't pile it high
above the edge 'cause it's gonna melt!

Put 'em on the grill (while the rib eyes are cooking!)
or a little before if you want them as appetizers!

These live up to their name!
(They are so going on my garden list next spring!)


This little baby is very handy for grilling peppers!
I know you want need one!

Here's the link to a recipe from a follower of my blog! 
I ♥ Navy Beans and can't wait to try this
one on our next chilly night!

Mel’s Mom’s Navy Bean Soup

Here's the link to Mel's blog!

Mel's Baking Site

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