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Monday, November 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I'm re-reading The Mitford Series by Jan Karon. It's been over 7 years since I first read these stories (lost everyone of her books when our home flooded and so far, I've reacquired all but one!) and now it's like visiting with old friends. It refreshes my spirit to "hear" Father Tim speaking again about the comings and goings of Dooley, Uncle Billy and his neighbor, Cynthia Coppersmith, as well as the happenings in and around the village, his church, The Local and the patients he visits when he makes daily hospital rounds. I've decided to ramble a bit and share some of my faves from the first book .... At Home in Mitford.

1.  Telling a lie is like eating peanuts.  One leads to another. 
(Father Tim to Dooley)

2.  The Holy Spirit tenderizes the heart. 
(Father Tim re "the man in the attic")

3.  The more things you own, the more you are owned by things. 
(Homeless Hobbs)

4.  If you keep your eyes on the Christians, you will be
disappointed everyday of your life. 
Your hope is to keep your eyes on Christ.

5.  Don't get so worn out from being useful that you become useless. 
(Absalom Greer)

6.  [being down-to-earth about Heavenly things [is]
having a practical relationship with God. 
(Father Tim re: his neighbor, Cynthia)

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  1. amen to #2!

    i'm always looking for good books to add to my list. thank you! : )


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