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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Squash and more Squash!

1/2 bushel of zucchini
3/4 bushel of yellow squash
1 mandolin


9.5 gallon bags mixed squash
4 quart bags grated zucchini
one sliced thumb
(and five bandaids later,
I had to take a short commercial break).

I love the little mandolin!  It's perfect! 
I opted out of buying the larger one
until I saw how much I would use this one. 
It's such a time saver! 
I'm gonna ask Santa for a more heavy duty one,
I believe!  I really do ... believe!

Sidenote:  The little squash necks in the photo ....
they went on the mandolin too.  They produced another
gallon bag FULL of little slices ... perfect for soups!
I was gonna grind them up and use them in
cornbread dressing.  My aunt does that! 
You don't taste the squash, but oh my!! it's so moist!


  1. Youbate a cooking queen my friend!

  2. Somedays!!! Those are raw!! But they will be cooked into something amazing soon, I hope! Maybe I'll make you some zucchini bread!


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