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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random photo of the property across the street.
Reminded me of the Fall Season when scarves come out of the closet.
Those vines are always first to change colors.
They look like scarves draping the shoulders of the trees.

Happy Sunday Y'all!

       I wandered around the garden this morning admiring the colors of Fall all around. The leaves were falling like snow while the "front yard" kitty rolled in the pine straw beneath the Camellias, w hich are covered in their sweet baby pink blossoms.  I made a quick trip thru the backyard to gather a bunch of young collards, which are sauteeing in the iron skillet as I blog speak (smells heavenly).

  I have a small pile of "Yummy Bells" on the counter awaiting stuffing for dinner.  Last week, a neighbor friend shared her pepper recipe with me after generously inviting me to pick some things from her garden, which included peppers and a fall bounty of Satsumas and Lemons, as well as a sackful of pecans that had fallen to the ground.  I bestowed a couple of  "Thank You" foodies upon her today when we made a second trip to pick Satsumas and juice oranges!  I spent the late afternoon peeling and de-webbing Satsumas!  Then, before finishing dinner preparations, my dh and I put away some pork cutlets from a wild boar (250#+!) and some venison tenderloin for stew!  You should see the monstrous pot in my oven ... slow cooking chunks of wild boar for BBQ!  I smell pork sliders in my future!

"Yummy Bells"  These babies are gonna be stuffed for dinner!
Gorgonzola, Feta, Cream Cheese and Bacon!

I've been busily canning and re-vamping my pantry (since the canning needs the heavier shelving) by relocating the bulk items (I♥Sam's) along the available shelving in my studio.  All the "canned" items (why they call it canned instead of jarred, I dunno) look so pretty on the shelves.  As a friend says, I get that Stepford Wives smile on my face when I gaze at these fruits of my labor!

Pickle Relish (Cucumber sale at Jimmy Lowes!)

Collard Greens from my Garden!

Pineapple Sage Blooms!

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