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Monday, November 7, 2011

It's a Rambling Kind of Day!

What's Up Y'all?!!!

We're maintaining the status quo around here!
Nothing new to report!

So ... in honor Miscellany Monday, I'll just ramble!

~ just sayin' ~

1.  I've had several inquiries as to "why" I "deleted"
or "blocked" many, many people on Facebook.
Uhm.  I didn't!  I deleted my Facebook account. 
Therefor, I'm not available on Facebook. 
Get ovah it already!

2.  Somebody please tell me where to
find jeans that do not have decorations
on the bootay pockets!!

3.  I'm not a hoarder or, what is it called? A Prepper.  
I garden.  I can.  I freeze.  I feed my family.  
I'm just smart like that.  : )

4.  I re-evaluated my priorities because
I think it's more important to catch up with my family
than to keep up with the Joneses or appearances. 

5.  I'm not looking forward to the consumerism
of the holidays (Yes! I participate),
though I do take a lot of comfort in
the 'reason for the season'!

6.  Rotisserie Chicken! 
My favorite "go to" shortcut.  
Oh Yeah!

7.  I baked sourdough bread today. 
Therefore, I feel a carb coma coming on. 
Imagine that!

8.  The day was full.  Nap time came.  Short lived. 
Coughing and "throw-up" in my shoe.  {sigh}

9.  I have a twin in Arizona! 
You know ... that someone you've never met,
yet you have oodles in common?!  Hey CH!

10.  Girls' Nite Out is Wednesday! 
I love getting together with my high school buds! 

... signing off ... that carb thing is kickin' in!  

Not going back, til
- the garage is cleaned
- my studio is minimized
- the pantry is organized
- the fall garden is put to sleep
- the commissions are finished
-the closets are cleaned out
- the yard sell items are priced
- the holidays are behind me
- hedges are trimmed
- the fridge is cleaned out
-the dogs are bathed
-the toenails are painted.

not necessarily in that order!


  1. Hey TC! Lets start making plans to get together! I think the state of our choosing will never be the same.... LOL It'll forever be known as "the year those two fun ladies came for a visit"! :D

  2. Sounds like a plan! Let's meet in the middle!! The world will never be the same!! If it hadn't been for juicing!!!!

  3. good for you for taking charge of your time and quitting facebook. : )


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