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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Last Sunday evening our family went to the fair!
This was Keller Bugs first time!
We had a blast! Can you tell?

ZZ got the first ride with Keller on the Bee!
According to Keller, it was Barry the Bee!
Just wait til you see her Halloween costume
Keller's, not Lindsays!

She still talks about the ferris wheel! 
How high up with the stars we were!

And the pony named Barney!

All she wanted was corndogs ...
but the funnel cake was a winner too!

Poppa is hot on her heels!
Looks like an "I'm gonna get you"
moment about to happen!

And the Carousel that swooshed at Mach 5
as if we were in a Nascar race.
I'm just glad she wanted to sit this one out
'cause I might have gotten slung across the fairgrounds.

And the ice-cream! 
Pineapple Whip Soft Serve in a cone! 
High Yum Factor!

The annual fair marks the anniversary of my first date
 with my dear husband ... 33 years ago!
Though we try to go every year for nostalgic reasons,
I confess we have succumed to letting the kids go
while we stay home and eat corndogs
by twinkling lights strung up
in the ceiling of the man-cave.  Yep!
The romance is still there!  What can I say?!
All Photographs were taken by my daughter,
Jennifer.  Check out other great photography on

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