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Saturday, November 19, 2011

When you do things out of necessity, it's a good thing when you enjoy doing it. Necessity, in this case, is hunting season has arrived and the freezer needs cleaning out.  Unfortunately, using things up from the freezer means not putting cooked food back in the freezer.  Kinda defeats the purpose.

So, the first thing out was 15#s of ground venison.  Yep!  15 p-o-u-n-d-s.  What to do with it?   Can it, obviously.  But, this meant I had to make more room in the (heavy duty) pantry - the one with the good wood non warp shelving.  Which means more pantry items go into the studio.  I told a friend this week that my studio is beginning to resemble a general store.  The upside is I can see what I have and it's not buried in the deep dark recesses of the pantry. 

and that's only the spaghetti sauce!

I pressure canned spaghetti sauce and chili w/beans ('cause that's how we roll around here!).  Later (next month or as the Great Hunter sees the necessity) I'll make stew with all the stew meat and pressure can that.  The remaining studio space is feeling a little threatened.  Oh my!  It's exhausting.  But, in a good way!

Then ... (there's always a then) I will deal with all the oranges.  Before Thanksgiving!  Aye Yi Yi!

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  1. Great idea for the pith. I've tried the pith in all forms and have not found it bitter at all. It may be me, but in my marmalade, cakes, pies and puddings, keeping the pith intact makes little difference. Glad you educated us all on the nutritional value of the pith.


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