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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just another Tuesday ...

It's been a rainy, dreary day here in LA (Lower Alabama).
I spent the morning peeling lemons and limes for preserving.
During the process my hands began burning like fire.
A friend suggested washing my hands with milk.
I did. Little relief.
Then I slathered on Aloe Vera Gel.
A little more relief.
Who Knew?

Later, my dh came home.
He walked in with a sad look on his face.
Then, he broke the news ......

Yeah.  That's my blood orange tree. 
It snapped off at the base of the trunk. 
It was loaded. 
At least 100 blood oranges ... not quite ready for picking. 
Sad day, indeed.  I hope some are salvageable. 
I don't think oranges are like tomatoes.
They don't ripen after picking, do they? 

Needless to say, after that, I caved.

Note/next morning: I went out as soon as it was daylight
and cut the branches out of the way so I could retrieve
the fallen oranges. A total of 115! I cut into one and it was
very sweet and had just begun to turn the blood orange color.
Hopefully, not all is lost. I'll juice about 1/2 of these and 
 the rest I'll share with family, friends and neighbors.
Next Day:
A pretty decent harvest, don't ya think?!

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