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Saturday, October 22, 2011

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

That's what I thought this morning when I got up to this 50# pile of new potatoes!
50#s of Sweet Potatoes are standing by too!
I'm re-learning a time-old craft ~ canning!
I refuse to be intimidated by a pressure cooker any longer!
I've been perusing some canning sites online!
Food in Jars! Canning Homemade! ~ Canning Granny!

I scrubbed potatoes last night for over an hour and left them to drain overnight.
After cutting out questionable spots and cutting up into stew size chunks (unpeeled),
I dry-packed the potatoes into sterilized quart jars, added salt
and hot water and pressure canned.  I did it!!  I did it!
I can use these for soups, stews, mashing or any potato recipe!

For the Freezer!

I quartered approximately 10#s and tossed one batch with olive oil,
salt, pepper and rosemary, and the other batch with olive oil, Lawry's, garlic and parsley,
and roasted them about 15 minutes at 375 degrees with the convection fan on.
After thoroughly cooling, they were placed in the freezer to partially freeze
and then scooped into freezer bags for future meals!
I figured if I can find frozen roasted potatoes in the freezer section at the grocer, I can do it!
I ended up with five very full quart size freezer bags of each flavor!
(btw, I have frozen mashed-potatoes too!  They do tend to be a bit watery
when you re-heat them.  Just let that water cook out and add a little milk and voila!)

Listening for the ping of the jars reminded me of
the countless hours spent canning and freezing
food from the garden with my grandmother many years ago!

50#s New Potatoes ~  $19.95
50#s Sweet Potatoes ~ $11.00
Relearning an old craft ~ Priceless!

Next:  the Sweet Potatoes! 
Soon, pumpkins and apples!! 
It's what's in season!


  1. $11 for 50 pounds of sweet potatoes? S*C*0*R*E!!! sweet potato pie coming up! Yay!!

  2. Girl you inspire me! I need to get myself a pressure cooker canner. Maybe this is the year I stop letting one intimidate me?! :D


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