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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Best Part of Waking Up , , ,

DayQuil and . . .

Today the exhaustion level is high ..... very high.
A combination of a chest/head cold (going on five days now),
joining the family at the fair last night (that cool night air didn't help any)
and canning fatigue (Yes, you "heard" right, Canning Fatigue")
after two long days and nights of canning.

I still have  42#s of Granny Smith Apples to deal with.
I'm thinking pie filling and dehydrating, if the dehydrator
arrives before the last apple is canned!

Keller-Bug just arrived for the day and went straight to her bed.
She's zonked out (9am) from her first Fair experience last night.
That's "Barney" next to her! After Jen posts the fair pics
on her blog, I'll link up so y'all can see them!

And .... it's time to feed the sourdough starter and bake some bread for the neighbors, of course!

But, first .... isn't it time for another dose of  Dayquil?
I'm thinking I may throw a load of laundry on and
curl up on the couch while Keller is sleeping off
her corndog hangover and the Ferris Wheel High!
She'll be rip-roaring when she wakes up!

That's about it for the miscellaneous thoughts
bouncing around in my head this Monday morning.
It's a little stuffy up there.  Hope I didn't bore you all to tears today!
I think I hit a home run with the "mundane"!
See Y'all tomorrow for Home Tour Tuesday!

Link up with Lowercase Letters and Miscellany Monday right here!


  1. Wow...that is a HUGE undertaking! I hope the DayQuil/coffee combo gets you through the day :D Thanks for commenting over at !

  2. you need some chia, to give you energy! : )

    i hope you get better really quickly. it's starting to hit us here... this season always brings out the best sickness, doesn't it?!

  3. It does! I think I got it from Keller Bug. I think my dh has gotten it from me. I hate to be the bearer of those kinds of gifts. I order chia seeds to sprout .... for eating!


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