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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I visited a blog I follow last night called  Easy Living the Hard Way  I love reading about Holly's goings on!  The article linked is Disappearing Bees and is uber informative!!  Who knew?!!!  Thanks Holly for sharing and for the beautiful photography!!  Below is part of her post.  Please read on!

"Systemic pesticides are scary. They can't be washed off like the old kind of bug killers. So cleaning your fruits and vegetables you buy in the store to wash off the pesticides is fast becoming a thing of the past. Systemic pesticides are applied to the seed or the leaves and this pesticide becomes a part of the vascular system of the plant expressed through the pollen, nectar, and gulation droplets. It is in the fruit, not just on it."

The blog post brought to my memory when we first moved to this location and found the previous owner had left five or six honey bee hives on the property.  Knowing absolutely nothing about bees, we contacted a local bee keeper to remove them.  He relocated them to his own property.  It was quite amazing watching him suit up "smoke" the hives and just load them up!  Amazing! 

On another note, I've had issues for two years growing squash and zucchini.  I get tons of blossoms but no fruit. My neighbor had the same problem.  This past growing season he hand-pollenated his plants when they bloomed and had a bumper crop!  I will try this next year!  I see bees pollinating everything else so I don't quite get it with the squash.  We have lots of blooming flowers during the year so they do have that as well. 

This bee issue is a concern to anyone who gardens.  Hand pollinating can be a labor intensive, time consuming task.

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