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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tea Time!

Oh, how I tea time!  Anytime!

I don't understand while sitting quietly with a cup of hot tea is so relaxing.
I suppose 'cause it's "me time" and I'm not physically occupied with other things.

Rose Fruity Milk Tea
has become one of my favorite chillin' sips!
I'm hoping I will find it locally soon.  I've looked!
I believe the Asian Market told me it was Vietnamese.
So, if you see any, give me a heads up, please!

Thanks to a dear friend for keeping me supplied!!


  1. Well, HELLO STRANGER!! How ya been?? I must catch up on facebook, lol.
    I can't keep up with anything anymore-

  2. Ha Ha!!! Hey you! I deleted my FB account so you won't find me! You might find me hanging out on Pinterest though! Imagine that! I'll be back on FB (maybe) after my major to-do list is accomplished!!! Good to see you!!!


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