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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Clutter Busting.  The word sends chills up my spine. What is it about that word that is intimidating?  And do advertisers think we should only be prompted once a year to toss the things we haven't used in ions?  Shelves and organizing bins and storage systems magically appear barely within seconds of New Year's Eve kisses, as well as magazine covers which expect us to start tossing and organizing remnants from a year that only seconds before became our past  I disagree.  I believe we should edit, edit, edit, daily!  If looking a the pile brings on anxiety, it needs to go .... not a minute sooner than right NOW.  And don't leave it sitting by the front door for three months waiting on your teenage daughter to haul it to the drop box either.  It ain't happening!  Trust me on that one!  Clutter causes me stress.  Not being able to find something causes me stress.  I can deal with it in a timely manner through out my house ... except for my studio and garage.   Both locations seem to be a dumping ground for whatever needs to leave the house.  Need I say more? 

That said, I ventured onto the infamous Clutter Busting a couple years ago and continue to peek in for insight into this chaotic phenomenon of letting go.  They have certainly kept me from derailing and imploding.  Take a stroll over to their website and find them on Facebook too for periodic tips!!  You'll learn something you didn't know before!  I'm sure of it!  Just, please don't tell Brooks that my studio is still in waiting mode. : }

My favorite line from the site is "TAKE BACK YOUR SPACE".

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