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Friday, October 21, 2011

Another art event behind me!  
Not planning on participating in anymore this fall. 
Gearing up for the holidays!

We had a great time seeing old friends and fellow artists (some met both criteria!) last weekend while participating in the National Annual Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores!  Sales were decent even though the crowds were off (per the artists' opinions) regardless of what the newspaper headlines said.  The volunteer staff did a bang-up job getting us in and out, as well as providing occasional assistance and refreshment!  Speaking of "refreshment" (weren't we?), I devoured a Cajun Pistol from Red Wagon Concessions first day out!  OMG!  I love those things!  It's seafood bisque pumped into a soft homemade roll.  Heavenly!  Be careful!  You'll be wearing it with the first bite!

The weather was beautiful ..... a little windy a couple of days ... a bit hot on others!  We were able to stay nearby ... within walking distance.  Below is what I saw first thing every morning out the living room window!  Kinda creepy, huh?!  It's the octopus over the retail store in adjacent parking lot!

It was pretty cool to see one of my larger prints hanging on the wall at the Shrimp Basket too!! 

Half Shells - 12x36

And, now, as is the usual case, I'm down with a head/chest cold.  I'm functioning ok ... just at a slower pace.  It seems after I do an event, I come down with something within a few days.  Must be stress and fatigue getting the best of me!  I'll bounce back!  Too many things on the to-do list to lay around for long!

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