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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The MEGA Fall To-Do List!
(after Shrimp Festival Weekend)

1.   Prepare for company coming last weekend of this month.

2.   Get onion bulbs IN THE GROUND and off the kitchen counter.

3.   Clean out the pantry.  Really?  You don't have expired stuff?

4.   Canning!  It's Sweet Potato, Apple and Pumpkin Season!

5.   Clean out garage!

6.   Clean out studio!

7.   Start Christmas shopping (which prob won't happen til Christmas Jubilee.
      That usually jump starts me and puts me in the shopping mood!

8.   Get started NOW on those special projects intended for Christmas gifts. 
      No! Really!  NOW!

9.   Check inventory for holiday baking supplies (do this simultaneously with #3).

10. Remember those Christmas cards you were gonna address in July ahead of time

11. Get out some paper and begin the Holiday To-Do List (which begins November 1st).

12. Enough already! And, this is just the beginning!  In the words of a dear friend ...
       Oy Vey!

Disclaimer:  It is highly unlikely (given my desire for building lego towers and reading story books and pulling the red wagon around the back yard) I will accomplish everything on this list before the end of October.  Just sayin!  But, for now, I've gotta get off the puter and punch some dough for Cinnamon Raisin Bread and prepare for a national art festival (which begins Thursday!  TTFN!


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