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Thursday, September 29, 2011


C U P C A K E    D A Y !

Shortly after my granbaby girl arrived this morning,
 she remembered today is cupcake day! 
While persusing the aisles at Tarzhay yesterday,
she picked out a yellow cake mix and chocolate frosting
(Papa's favorite)!  I know this is a shortcut.
We've all taken them. I will add: I am collecting 
made-from-scratch recipes because I now abhor
all the preservatives and chems in ready-mades. 
If it makes my organic friends feel any better,
we did use organic free-range brown eggs! 
Anywho .... on with the baking project! 
After getting our aprons tied on, gathering ingredients
 and the stepstool, we were off!

We took a raisin snack break
while the cupcakes were baking!

First things first!  I handed her a cupcake to frost. 
While I was loading the mini-spatula with frosting,
she had to test it first .....
just to make sure it was safe, I guess! 

Now, which one do I want? 

Yes!  Sprinkles were everywhere! 
Somehow, I missed getting a photo of that phase! 
Imagine that!

What fun!  "Gramma!  We made cupcakes!"
I think I had as much frosting on me as she did! 
What a joy!

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